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From......Shadow......Watch......Hello?.......There?.....Present? Ok, I think the harmony radiowave is finally adjusted. I admit that writing this is a little difficult, though not impossible.

Anyhow, so, the difficulties of reconstruction. I refer to this both in the metaphorical and literal terms. In the metaphorical, it's about this fic as ultimately a reconstruction of the importance of MLP ethics in the complexities of reality. In the meta, it's about the story now standing up on its own over any contradictions possible.

So in section 1: Luna and Celestia discuss the formation of Season 3, and that ultimately in some ways, it is imperative to take your own path in order to allow for a story to stand on its own.

Section 2 is about the crusaders dealing with each other, and twilight trying to make amends for Lesson Zero (only to find that perhaps she was going about it the wrong way). It was also about knowing your friends and their friends, and about spewing venom when you meant to give sweets.

Section 3 features a happy reunion of Trixie and Twilight, who through guilt confessed her shame to Trixie as the sad unicorn she was. What follows is on the one hand convicting, and on the other hand, quite affirming. And totally shows how Trixie has become much wiser in the time since the beginning of the fic.

Section 4 was many sorry moments around, while section 5 was about Twist finally starting to accept Silver Spoon into her life. It was quite the profound moment, particularly in that Spoon talked to Twist about "how much will ever be enough for you?"

Overall, this was a nice read, though with some interesting indirect foreshadowing. First: the fog! it's the fog of the nightmares, and thus a sign of diamond tiara's fall. Second: trixie, the one and only, with her memoirs and the return of the 2nd element of magic. third: the question of friends and explaining themselves to diamond. Fourth, and most importantly: atonement in the right way, and thinking of others while getting over the past. Great stuff.

While I admittedly didn't expect a return to the reharmonized timeline present for a while, it was quite a pleasant surprise. Thank you.

PS: about season 3. I won't directly spoil anything, but I will tell you these two things: if A Canterlot Wedding hasn't happened in this universe yet, it's definitely off the list. Second: there's not actually that much in the way of retcons in totality, but like I said, until the team gets canterlot wedding, it's off.

Write on, decrees this shadow.
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alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
A long way to go.
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