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Happy New Year! And may the shadow who watches be the first to cross his fingers that the POV series is getting close to its climax. Not that I dislike the series in any sense of the word, but I nonetheless am getting a strange feeling of fatigue moving towards this conclusion in the dark world. Anyhow thoughts.

So at the start, discord is grieving, and somehow foresaw that no matter what he tried, he would never defeat team harmony at this point in the war. They had backup from the hippogriff squadrons, and the diamond dog resistance.

This is part of the trouble that Discord must finally acknowledge: He's made the world his playground for so long that anyone who has a will to act has united utterly against who he is and what he stands for: A revolt against the will of Routa Fortuna, and a life of darkness and perpetual tearing down. Having had enough of this through the many generations, the world has piled against him, until there was 3: Discord, Rancor, and the 3rd person.

Oddly enough, Discord says that they've killed pinkie pie. I suppose in some ways, they have. By showing her what they really think of her, pinkie pie's mind broke, and when it was stitched up, Pinkie Pie, the hyperactive utterly chaotic mare was gone. Now Miss. Pinkamina "Pinkie" Diane Pie lives again, at harmony with herself, and in way that has fundamentally put her out of his grasp.

Also Discord, I think I should let you know something. You probably know it deep down somewhere (I mean come on, you've practically existed for an eternity) that the reason that laughter exists within the boundaries is because of the 6 elements, laughter is what helps keep groups light together. The difference is that you have latched onto the corruption of laughter, and ultimately, you cannot truly understand laughter, as you lack knowledge on the other side. In two universes, Pinkie Pie became aligned by understanding both sides: harmony and chaos. You are bamboozed by the truer side of laughter, and thus, you cannot have your chaos queen.

(Heh. When chaos becomes normal, it ceases to be chaos. It becomes expected. Defeating itself. But that's the nice answer. 'Chaos', doesn't exist. Everything is cause and effect, down to the tiniest detail. There is no 'unpredictability', there are no 'surprises' only those without enough wits and psychological insight to figure out what comes next. Ponies, hearts, weather, dice, all trapped in predeterminism. There is no free will. There is no chaos. The outcome of everything was decided the moment creation came into being, including every tiny bit of your 'spontaneity' as well.)

ALRIGHT, WHO TURNED OFF MY NINTENDO? WHOOOOOO!!!!???? There may be a strong causality, but you know what, the world is far more complex than mere determinism. In fact, Discord is proof that there is the capacity for unpredictability. You see, a supernatural realm allows for the existence of some degree of unpredictability. For within the supernatural there is the capacity to choose how to respond to things. Even the most brilliant psychologists can be baffled by unpredictable changes. The man who grew to change from a criminal to a security consultant. The people who change what they believe in. The gods who went to war when the most unlikely thing to happen happened, and yet was still somehow believable. You know what that's called in easy terms? A miracle. And people know miracles don't happen that often. Hence the name. You whom claims to be the driving force of this dark world, you're locked in your own delusions, and so until you acknowledge a world where chaos is an important force, you are hopelessly grasping at straws.

Ooooooh, but to acknowledge that is to give discord some credence. And you'd never allow yourself that, would you?

(The obsenities printed here is mingled with arrogance and irritation, but due to my powers as an observer, I have conveniently blocked it out)

And then we get this: you are more beautiful than Celly & you can change how it ends! With these two tidbits, the lids are pried back more, and even despite how repulsive, there's a pinch of sympathy for the loki of the multiverse. And yet, at the same time, disdain. For the world he has willingly created is....well different from the world Celestia created, but she at least allowed for sovereignty of mortal nations in her reign without threat of extermination. Friendship over fear. Also, discord knows these are filler arcs? MMMMMmmmmm MMMMMmmmmm. You should no better big D. In this shadow's world, even the filler contains important tidbits to move things forward.

Meanwhile, team harmony discussed stage 5, as there's but one bullet left: defeat discord. There were even logistic arguments to muddle through, and a tiny bit with Trixie that shows that Pinkie has something in her that lets her see Reharmonized I, and see that trixie was an element of magic.

AND AGAIN, with the big brother. WHERE IS THE SHINING ARMOR????!!!!!!!

The beast of the third unresolved? The wolf?

Meanwhile, in the middle of the long slog forward, the seer and the saint talked about the future: what will the world be like once discord's done for?

Needless to say, it will certainly be different. The diamond dogs won't plague the jewel markets anymore, the hippogriffs will be a new people to accomodate, the seaponies (assuming they're around) will need some water for all of them, and I'm guessing the dragon nation will be much more powerful when compared with their being in that equestria where their queen had 5 heads and ended a deer invasion. As for who's in charge, well, that depends. We know being taken for granite is much more pleasant than some might think, but with them being out of the loop for 1000 years, how would others react to Celestia and Luna coming back? Maybe this would be a perfect time for the constitutional monarchy celestia always wanted?

Regardless, it is a fine question. Maybe this could also be a good time to pull a 1994 AKA a south africa. You know, where they all voted for different parties to find out who and how they wanted their country run, and then brought in Mandela and the ANC? It's an idea.

Meanwhile, back with the element of Choice, she had a visitor: posey's descendent Fluttershy. Who incidentally was fully angelfied. (mmmmm, this fluttershy is angelfied, while the reharmonized was alicorned. Paradox? Or just AU?)

so they talked about cruel, and choice, and irony (whistles), and they lifted each other up, with RD giving a speech surprisingly similar to one she gave scootaloo in a world far far away.

So dash thought and thought. Buuuuuut, back to team harmony, because the home stretch is near. Twilight was optimistic, though the others had their doubts. Apparently, the old talks on magic were back, and twilight thought they might all now be immortal. Which, of course the pony who's seen the end of the road is rather disappointed with, since it means she'll never get to see The Father again, or her sister. But, that's not conclusive yet. Meanwhile, they roamed the halls, looking for the throne room, and then,

waiiiiitttttt, how in the world would fluttershy have been able to rescue sparkler anyways? Wasn't she with rainbow dash? Isn't it impossible, regardless of time for a spirit to manifest in two different places, and haven't we seen that the living can only free themselves and all the spirit world can do is nudge in one direction? wouldn't (I check further down the page) Oh, queen of a bitch!

It makes sense, and yet, it hurts. It's...It's.....(The babbling of Fluttercruel goes on) Mortis. That was mortis trying to move you on.

And on, and on, and on, and (I summon all the will and power I possess as a shadow, and I finally mutter...enough.....And the fic stops at the end.)

I say thee, enough. Because, this is the dilemma of the stranger. This is why soldiers grow to fight and kill more easily thanks to training. This is why the world is messed up. Because the stranger is the constant problem that every belief system of every person ever must wrestle with. How do we treat him? With hatred? With uneasy respect? With contempt? With compassion? With Love? With wisdom? How? HOw? HOW?

This is ultimately why the draconequi must be necessary in some way. For the cause of free choice, fear of the stranger, competition with strangers both real and enforced (the friend you compete against as a stranger). These happen, and in some ways are necessary to push the world forward.

However, to go to far with "the stranger" will rot your soul. And yet, at the same time, if you need to get something done, you must invoke the stranger to keep going and live with your decisions. Otherwise, you WILL be crushed by guilt and shame.

And rarity is right. If something good is to come, sometimes you have to do something bad. Whether it's fight a relative, or do something so repulsive because it might be for the best.

It is the nature of the flawed world created by the gods, and it cannot be escaped. And thus why for the good of equestria Lady Desire will fight anyone to end the reign of the mad god, and why the element of loyalty must be cruel to her daughter in order to free her from antagonistic control, just like (OH MY ALICORNS!) Just like Lex Luthor in Whatever Happened to the man of Tomorrow. Are you drawing on that?

Well, I suppose this is a story about earning your happy ending, so, maybe?

Anyhow, so cruel's back in the game. That was pretty fast. But, I'm sure that we must be near end game. Or, is the story going to crawl to a stop in order to accomodate the important paralell shining armor story? Anyhow, getting there, and going on.
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alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Discord, "For the record little pony? . . . . you're right about everything . . ."
eric-emanwu Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Everything? Surely the master of manipulation know that there's a lot of hidden such an all encompassing term.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Discord, "You have no idea . . ."
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Thank you for your indepth review, right now I'm trying to write all of dark world before my birthday this sunday. (I have 53 K of notes left to go through.)
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