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(And after a very long beat....) THAT WAS AWESOOOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! WOW! BEST POV BOSS BATTLE EVER!!!!!! And I mean it!

Also, why are they taking orders from the shadow voice? Isn't he the negative voice? And shouldn't AP be too weak to cover them?

Actually though, that was pretty clever. Lasers, houses and electricity? And then Rarity trying to steal her soul?????? Yowsa! That is nasty.

And again being called a thing. Well, technically, all objects and beings are technically things in the physical sense. So deal with it Tribalism!

Then the cynical voice decided to give rully both hoofs, saying she doesn't actually exist, and she's merely the spell of discording that was cast, and that like what happens when someone takes a love poison, nobody will mourn her, and nobody will love her when they finally get rid of her. Mr. Voice, you clearly haven't been to the reharmonized timeline, have you? The principle there is that all fluttercruels are genuine beings with in this cluster.

Then came the tangles, as honesty wormed its way through the illusions.

One of my favorite technical moves in this fight where the 4 elements that Rarity had all attacked Cruely at once, each shouting their powers at her. Honesty, cruelty, magic, desire. And Never again shall that element of harmony do so. Spike's also continuing the vengeance of all spikes that had to play second fiddle to draconequi through eternity, using martial arts, and predator powers to stop the team. Too bad the Ice is ineffectual also. And then came the 3rd breakdown: LJ/AJ's kind lies toward Cruelly came head on with her singing. She didn't want to believe that anyone outside of family could know that song, and it's here that we see that something happened when Cruely took on sparkler's body: like Amazing Spider-Man 700, the villain gained the body, but in return they had to experience every moment of love, glory and truth from the old host.

It reminded her of how fluttershy wanted her to be like. It was something that ALMOST purified the element of cruelty. But, the powers of deconstruction were too powerful on her, and thus, she pretty definitively snapped at that point. (say, if nightmares are by definition insane, then is fluttercruel technically an nightmare draconequi? Eh, maybe that's making things too complicated.)

Also, that bit about her "loving herself"? Gah! Wrong! Wrong! That is just plain wrong!!!!! This must be what psychopaths are like at their worst. either that, or she's drawing upon the surpressed power of flutterrage to fight.

The war kept going, with fire, spells, kicking a draconequi in the eye, etc...and then as she tried a thrust at rarity, she got the wrong element. A being of chaos and nature's fury, still under the influence of disharmony was repelled by the element of honesty. For the truth is that we are all connected to each other, and prioritizing our family over true goodness is wrong! And so, She was repelled.

And then, The Rainbow began her solo assault. And look at her lightning. Remember back in her boss battle that the regular lighting she used was typical white, while her Ender traitor final cutoff lightning was only red. And yet here, her lightning is rainbow just her mane. Perhaps this ties into her growing into an ultimate element of chaos just like rarity has.

Desire is a base element of life, and can fuel kindness, laughter, generosity and all other choices we make through life. However, there is no point in having these things if we live in an utterly deterministic universe. The only way our choices make any difference at all, is if we have Free Will. But free will is a slippery and dangerous tool that can be coerced but never truly removed. For with freedom of will, we go any which way, and the responsibility for such a tool is immersurable. It's a burden beyond belief, and hence why Routa Fortuna has to be there as well to make certain that in the long road of free will there can still be some structure to prevent the whole thing from collapsing.

but yes, free will is a powerful thing.

And then, from the insessant pounding of squad alpha, she finally remembered. She finally remembered what her mother had told her: that she was taking an easy, ordered route with her cutie mark. Our talent doesn't tell how we should apply it. A thief might have a talent for hacking slot machines, but that doesn't make it right. In fact, one could say the right thing for them to do is act as a mole to the thieves by creating methods to counter hacking. And again: building up is the hard part. Breaking down is easy. So, what will you do about this Lady Nepotism?

Oh. Panic. And it appears that like Angry Pie attacking Discord's parenting skills, RD's words to cruelly hurt more than anything beforehand (except maybe getting killed).

So with Free Will guarding nature's law, the elements of harmony reactivated, and actually worked on crully just as it works on her father. rainbow whirlwind, spreading menories of the truth, and of course, Stone! Cruelty tried to stop the spell, but Rarity had a spare element on hand, and using a trace of Destruction's powers, there was an UUUUGLY Yin yang explosion, with harmony and destruction repelling from each other. Half the hallway was again white, red and pink and very royal. Unfortunately, the other half was destroyed utterly.

And sadly, that meant that sparkler was well and truly gone now. Her soul had been given the boot, and now her body was broken again.

cruelly was in an immature draconequi form now (though far more pony than she was in her last body), and still wanted to fight, despite knowing that her mom was right on some emotional level. RD wanted to make the sacrifice play, but thankfully, they had backup: Pinkie and Shy were both there, and together, they all charged up for one more go. Even more than that, it appears that freedom of will contains the potential to be loyal or treacherous. And if that's the case, than harmony and chaos can exist together!

Also, I'm getting a strong sense of deja vu to when discord was beaten the first time: a mother figure stops the bad guy from doing what he wants by holding him in place, and then the rainbow gatling gun puts them out of commission for good.

Havoc's burnt out avatar was obliterated, and Mortis got his second go escorting little cruelly to the afterlife. And finally got her out of this reality.

However, the cost of this endeavor slowly began to show: Fluttershy was gone for, and her best friend was clearly angry at the marks on her, despite her determination to make things right with her daughter. Oh cheer up fluttershy. You have all of eternity to work on it. And she gave one final cryptic warning to Twilight: "We are all Apple Pie's hamster"? We all run in place until a new factor steps in to stop things? What is this madness? What is it that now fluttershy also warns of that the valyard started with?

Sparkler was gone for, and most importantly, Pinkamina Diane was dead. Straight maned with force ghost option, but still gone for, died during battle. Actually though, I figure Puerellis is going to have a nice chat with this pinkie soon enough. RD cried for her best friend, and team harmony and chaos rested once again before the final battle.

Meanwhile, Cruelly went through family initiation: with her grandfather even mentioning that she gets 3 reductions of sentence: Nepotism as her concept, being tried as a minor, and getting the insanity plea for the majority of her actions. However, it was at this point that mommy fluttershy came into the realm of darkness to ask for warden duty for her daughter. The king, having seen that the girl has wisdom and respect for their position, agreed. Huh. So I guess relations have thawed between law and fury?

And then, she flew off warning them of the queen of cups as her protection.

The End....Or is it? Of course it isn't. We still have 1 more boss to go.
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alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
So poetic!
eric-emanwu Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
Just me. And all the books, experiences and lessons I've learned in my life projected onto your story. I guess it's true what they say: Don't write something profound; write something genuine.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
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